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07 May 2018 | main | back home

Okey, welcome; let's start with me. I am Marek, student at Charles University with good enough grades and with a both beautiful and perspective job, everywhere with great friends around. Standing up straight I may look pseudohandsome after over twelve years of playing ice-hockey. And being constantly arrogant of course! ;) Well, …

Well, not really everything is as it seems, as you may early find out between the lines (of code hopefully :)) while reading this personal-, dev- and pretty-everything-about- blog. Here is a small list of warnings, beacuse I —

  1. don't know English, I rather passed maturita exam in physics.
  2. love metaprogramming, template & typename are my both favourite and the most used keywords
  3. haven't ever claimed that this sh*t-w/site makes sense
  4. like clang, llvm and Apple, thus hate Microsoft Visual C++
  5. didn't write a complete version of this list yet.


Be able to write good enough posts for tuns of readers was my great goal for a couple of years. I started creating and designing own blog when I was 12 years old on computer available in my school. The reason why I did not succeed was that I am always curious about how everything works, so I learned coding webpages, then programing whole websites in PHP. I found a freehosting and read a lot about DNS to make me sure it is not possible to get a .CZ domain for free.

When I was at grammar school, I found out that programing can be used for solving more essential "real-world" problems than connecting to MySQL database. In that time I was interested in number theory (e.g. Goldbach's conjecture and similar). After some of very first experiments PHP slow for my use-cases. Together with solving KSP and National programming olympiad I started learning C++03. Yes, that version with "std::vector< std::vector< int>>" compile error due to double ">" without space between.

Now I am enjoying the time being spent on my Computer Science major. While attending the last years of the Bachelor's study, one of the best things I am grateful for are the short moments of sharing thoughts and ideas with others. With basic knowledge of software engineering I hope I can write quite nice notes to arouse your curiosity about new C++ (without new :)), algorithms and me. Originally I wanted call this w/site "Devblog — my breaths while coding". The reason why I have choosen instead the photo taken after my lecture on the Dynamic Optimality of Binary Search Trees is to make it more personal — the process of building isomorphism between my mind and yours.

Let's start staring at stars with me!

PS: Anothor reason for this photo is that I used accidentally the colors of my shirt to highlight the Tango tree construction on the blackboard :D.

„Když už člověk jednou je, tak má koukat aby byl. A když kouká, aby byl a je, tak má být to, co je a nemá být to, co není, jak tomu v mnoha případech je.“ Jan Werich