Sorting for beginers — at compile time

Every serious programmer knows how to write some of simple cumbersome O(n^2) sorting algorithms. Do you know how to use templates in C++? Great! Today I want to show you some advanced fun with C++ templating principles. Or is it a routine to sort types by their sizeof with merge sort by a compiler?

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Life, lectures & this w/site

Okay, welcome; let's start with me. I am Marek, a student at Charles University with good enough grades and with both beautiful and perspective job, everywhere with great friends around. Standing up straight I may look pseudohandsome after over twelve years of playing ice-hockey. And being constantly arrogant of course! ;) Well, …

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Something sweet about me

Marek Černy that's my name. Computer Science & Math those're my majors at Charles University. Machine vision, C++ magic, TensorFlow that's my job at SANEZOO. Profiles on github, linkedin, instagram and w/site are my online world. I am already y.o.16 hexcited and constantly busy digital nomad. Feel free to contact me.

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